Commission chart of agents



Registration fees: 300 rupee

Training program

Subjects: English speaking, Personality developments, Communication skill, Development, online/ offline marketing, computer professional skills, photography, marketing analyzer, business growth. accounting, graphics designing, website designing, garments manufacturing, fashion designing, publication, branding Brand promotion any three subjects.  Six month job guaranty. 

Training fees: 60,000

Training duration : 6 Month,

Center commission: 100+2400=2500 Rupee


Registration fees: 1000 rupee


Services: All types of products repairing services, interior designer, painter, teacher, carpenter, sofa repairing, plumber, computer services, finance services ( accounts + Gst), nursing staff 

Free leads: 20

Quality Control: 10% charges of total business

Green card charge: 30 rupee

Center commission: 200 Reg fee+20% commission QC

Skilled jobs (salaried)

Registration fees: 120 rupee

Skilled jobs (salaried)

Subjects: Home maintenance services, plumber, gardener security services, maid, watchman all types Skilled jobs (salaried). lead duration 3 months

40% first month

Free leads: 2

Center commission: 40 rupee Reg. fee+20% commission first month



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